Format text in label control in New Responsive Designer


I am trying to find a way to format text in label control in New Responsive Designer. I am trying to change font color of text in label. Apart from that, is there a way to enter custom HTML in the label control?


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Yes, you can do that. 

Click on "More settings" of the label control, type in the lable value you want to show, select the entire text and then select the "Font color", choose the required color.

If you want to enter any specific hex code, click on "view source" </> icon, it show the html, update the color code in style attribute. And you can have additional html as shown here is the example, make sure you use HTML5 compatible tags.

I am trying to achieve this in the New Responsive Designer.
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oh!, New Responsive Form, I don't see we have options except predefined format settings like heading and normal font. No option for color changes to label control.