Assign a Task based on a Reminder Date Field in SharePoint List

Good day,

I need ideas on how to do the following:

I have a List with a Reminder Date Column. A Task needs to start on this reminder date and assigned to the Task Owner. After the Task has been Completed the Reminder date needs to Change to a year in advance.

How would I go about it? Parallel Block with Run If statements? because i do not have to Calculate the Date field?

Many thanks


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That should be done using the scheduling (so to check every day if this is the "Reminder Date" day) and do the flow.

Do you have any solution already inhouse (like plumsail‌) or have you got familiar with workarounds for handling scheduling in Nintex for Office 365?

I personally recommend Nintex Workflow Cloud to realize that scenario. Would you like me to give you some hints? Do you have (have you ever?) an access to NWC? It is included in your subscription license, did you know?



Good day Tomasz,

I have never worked with Nintex scheduling and this will be the 1st WF with scheduling involved. Please give me pointers and i do know we have Nintex Workflow Cloud but also i have never used it.

many thanks

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So first contact your partner/ Nintex account to get information on how to access your Nintex Workflow Cloud application.

Once you have an access, you could follow these steps: Stronger Together - Nintex Workflow Cloud & Office 365  so that you will create a scheduler for your Nintex for Office 365 workflow, however if this is your first workflow then this approach may be to difficult.

On the other hand you could try to just create a Site Workflow, that queries a list where you have your items with "Reminder Date", then for each one having the date equal to current date does what you described above, then after it processes all items from the collection it simply pauses itself for a day. The next day it starts from the beginning.

But I would recommend the following solution in Nintex Workflow Cloud:

Before you begin:

  1. Get GUID of your List, where you have the Items. To do that, simply go into List Settings and get the guid from the URL, removing the %7B and %7D characters:
  2. Now open the URL: and look for the element 
    <d:Id m:type="Edm.Guid">
    Then, copy paste its value - this is the Web GUID.
  3. You will then use this values as variables.

Now go to the NWC, and create a workflow:

  1. Create two string variables:
    1. ListGUID - paste the obtained guid as default value;
    2. WebGUID - paste the obtained guid as default value;
  2. Set Start Event to scheduled:
  3. Then add action from the SharePoint Online group --> Query List, and configure it accordingly:
    1. Create a connection to your tenant
    2. Point to the site, where your list is
    3. Pick the list
    4. Set the Condition: Reminder Date is on Current Date:
    5. Store item IDs into the Collection variable:
  4. Now "Loop for each" action, through the Collection of returned IDs.
    1. Store item into the Integer variable.
  5. Now "Retrieve an item"
    1. Again, configure it to point to your list with the Reminder Date and the person or group column holding data of the person to whom the task should be assigned - NWC stores it as an Integer variable:
  6. Now "Create item" - point to your Tasks List and create a task for the selected person. In "related items" set this JSON:

Save and run - you will have a scheduled workflow creating you tasks. 

Now I suggest to create a Nintex for Office 365 workflow on the Tasks list, that is triggered once a task is modified - so assuming the assignee approves or rejects.

Once approves, get the related item of the task, update it setting its "Reminder Date" + 12 months.

And I guess it does the trick!



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You can try to import my NWC workflow: 1be66609b9784344a74615b201388ea4

Thanks Tomasz, you are such a sweetie.

Will try and let you know.

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 You can as well wait ~2 weeks and implement your entire solution in O365, as the scheduling feature for site workflows is approaching:

Thanks Tomasz - i will wait then and in the meantime i am creating other Workflows with NWC - awesome product!

thanks again for the support.

Good day all,

I finally finished this Workflow and just want to let you know and again say Thank You for everyone's contribution.

I could not get the Nintex Scheduling section to work (i realize i do not know how: Query List,Variables and Collection Variables work )

But i got it to work using MS Flow (I know it is not Nintex but it works in 3 easy steps.

They also changed the Workflow a bit and added Automated List Updates for the Reminder Date and the Due Date to be automatically updated for Annually, Quarterly and Monthly, which I did with Nintex and it is working perfectly. Thanks Tomasz Poszytek for your guidance.

Thanks again and I will continue to play around with Query List,Variables and Collection Variables to make sure i understand how it should work.

Have a great rest of the Week.