Task Responder blank for Assign a Task to Multiple user not authenticated

  • 2 September 2021
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I'm using the Assign a task to multiple users with a semicolon seperated list of email addresses for the assignees.

It is configured as a form task with reject / approve outcomes, run as parallel and first response completes the task. Assignee Authentication is turned off.


I'm doing a loop for each after the response is completed.

In the loop when I get the Task Responder as part of the object, it returns as empty.



I would expect that the assignee of that task, as there is a separate task URL for each assignee would be populated into the Task Responder.


Any ideas on how I can the email of who completed the task?





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8 replies

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@Gavin-Adams I've been able to replicate this even through the 'Task responder' value comes through when using Express Approval on the task. This might be related to us not knowing who opened the un-authenticated form, checking with the team.

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Yeah so I've confirmed that we lose the responder context once they access the form in an "un-authenticated" task. You're correct that the task URLs are unique for each assigned user, however there's currently nothing that prevents someone else from completing the "un-authenticated" task if they were given that URL.


Would something like a "task assignee" property that could at least show who the task was originally assigned to as part of the output facilitate your use case?

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Thanks Mr @butlerj for the super quick repo and follow up!


I think a task assignee property would be great.


I understand that you cannot guarantee that the form was filled in by the user of that email but I'd be happy that it would be that 99% of the time.


Additionally, In this scenario I'd be happy with populating the task assignee into the task responder and just acknowledging in the doco that it is the task assignee but there is a case where that might not be the responder if the task email was forwarded on.


Given that it is not populated, I'm going to try the NWC connector Get tasks and Get task to determine the assignee of the completed task as a clunky work around.




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@Gavin-Adams sounds good. I'll bring this up with the PM that manages tasks for NWC and see if the "Task Assignee" is something that we can include as part of the output.

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Ok well this is very frustrating. 😞

I'm trying to use the NWC connector Get Tasks action but I'm not getting any results.


I think I've worked it out that this action only supports the old tasks action and not the multiple tasks action.

ie from the developer api doco, does not support tasks v2


At this point I'm bashing my head on the keyboard to try and get this value from the completed tasks of an assign a task to multiple users action.

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Well that was painful but I got a solution.

I need to create a client app ID/token as the get tasks v2 need app auth to filter by workflowinstanceID.


I was able to take this NWC v2 connector from the gallery

Connectors - Nintex Workflow Cloud API v2


I then updated the json to support the tasks v2 model and /workflows/v2 endpoint.

And then added that as a custom Xtension.


With the new model, I use the custom List tasks action,

the loop through the tasks,

then within that I loop the array task assignments.

Then filter to the task assignment where the status = complete.

Then I can get the task assignment assignee.



Would be lovely for the out of the box actions and the output from the assign a tasks to multiple users action to support this data output natively.

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@kate for your visibility as well.


Thanks @Gavin-Adams 

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Thanks for looping me in @butlerj!


Hey @Gavin-Adams,


1. Out of the box Task actions for APIv2 - this is already in one of our team's backlog. I am glad you have found our Gallery connector, though.

2. I will look into adding "Task assignee" as a parameter of the Task output. Obviously, we will need some time as we have lots of Task updates coming up, but keep an eye out on our release notes!