ServiceNow Connector - How to structure the input?

  • 3 November 2023
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Hi guys,

I’ve recently got our NWC tenant connected to ServiceNow. The idea is that I can create requests, pre-populate the data and assign them to the correct assignment groups etc.

I am having issues in how to send the data, in the ‘Create a record’ step, I can’t click onto ‘Add fields’, I can only choose an object variable.

I’m not sure the best way to create the object, as far as I am aware I can only retrieve them, not create them.

I’ve tried creating a sharepoint list with the columns I need, querying that list so that I get an object and using that in the Create a Record, but I only get a blank Request created, with none of the information.

Has anyone experienced anything similar? Thank you!

Kind Regards,


3 replies

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Hello James,

I am no ServiceNow expert but it does seem like the “Add field” is disabled due to insufficient permissions in ServiceNow. I tested with a new account I created and my “Add field” was disabled until I added the service account user to the admin role.

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Hi @JimOw 

Have you resolved your question? 

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Hi Deon,

Thank you for the suggestion, I did think that it might be permissions. 

I can create requests it’s just that they’re blank due to not being able to select the fields.

I’ve just added the admin role and can’t see the fields yet but will try again tomorrow! 

Kind Regards,