Return Populated Submission Form Choice Checkbox Options in Task Form?

  • 28 November 2023
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I have a SharePoint list with many Choice - Checkbox columns, and these list column fields are included in the SharePoint submission form.

I would like to be able to return the choices made on the submission form in the task forms - also as checkboxes - and I was hoping the new Multi-choice control DSV support feature would allow me to do this. However, I’ve followed the instructions in this video and the choice fields return blank. 

Is it possible to return populated submission form choice fields in task forms as checkboxes using this new feature, or does it only work for the format shown in the video (creating Choice - Multiple checkbox options from list items) - or is there another way to do this?


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Hi @rthomson,

The DSV feature is not intended to be used in the way you have suggested here.
I think a neat way to display the choices would be to loop through the choice collection and display them in a table.
There is a course on Nintex University called “Create an overtime timesheet for your Payroll department” that demonstrates how to do it.

Very good - thanks for this @SimonMuntz.