O365 to NWC Upgrade - Field is not recognized by NWC

  • 21 December 2022
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While performing an upgrade from O365 to NWC (Automation Cloud) workflow, 
The NWC Start Event doesn’t recognize one of the O365 Form fields.

How can I get it to recognize that field?
The NWC error message is 


Appreciate any assistance


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4 replies

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Hi @Garrett 

Can you please share your SharePoint Column settings and type for this field?

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Hi @Prineel_V3

Thanks for responding.


The column is People Type.


Name of Supported-By (Email) - Not recognized
Name of Supported-By (display Name) - Not recognized
Name of Supported-By (ID) - Is recognized


Its the same result when I use the SPO - Retrieve an Item and SPO - Query List actions. 
I need to send an email to the “Name of Supported-By” user but cannot retrieve the values

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Hi @Garrett ,


If you are only using people and not groups,  please change “allow selection” to people only (if you are using groups, then it gets complicated). You can then re-connect to your connection and re-configure your start event or re-upgrade your workflow if you haven't made any changes.

Hope this helps :)

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Hey @Prineel_V3 

Yes, that most definitely helps. 

Thanks so much