Nintex Workclow Cloud form: Order form with ArticleNr lookup field and auto-populated article metada possible?

  • 10 April 2023
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Hey there!

I’m currently trying to migrate/recreate an order form to/with Nintex Workflow Cloud. The main challenge is a field called ArticleNr where the customer enters the article number and in the back a lookup will find the corresponding metadata (article type, article description etc.) and prefill other fields of the form.

The article database contains of 40.000 items. I tried to keep the solution “slim” and used a sharepoint online list as my new “not best practice and not best performance” database.


Now I tried to get the data and logic into the form, but...

  • I already tried the lookup control with a configured data source. But there's a limitation of 5.000 items per lookup.
  • I wanted to query the sharepoint list - but as far as I can see only the workflow engine can do that, not the form itself.
  • Some forum posts suggested a webservice Call against the list, but I guess this is a reference to old Nintex forms where JavaScript was possible.

Has someone already done something similar or has anyone an idea in how to approach this - even if it is “dirty”?

Thanks and kind regards!



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5 replies

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Yes you can query a sharepoint list using the ArticleNr that is entered on the form and populate other fields with the data returned.  You would need to use data source variables to do that.  Here is a resource that should help you get that going.


Data source variables (



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Hey @Marc_Wenning!

Thanks for your reply, really appreciate this!

If I understand this correctly, you still consume from data sources with its current limitations. So if I use SharePoint for example as a data source, I still have the 5.000 item limit.

Or do I miss something?

Thanks again and kind regards!


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Hi @Marc_Wenning 
Any more feedback you can give here? 

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@tiwookie taking a quick look there doesn’t appear to be a set limit on the sharepoint data sources, there are limits on the SQL data sources so I would guess it should be ok. 

honestly the best way to test would just to try it out. 

if you do run into issues please let me know, I’m sure we can find a solution together. 

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Hi @tiwookie 

Have you managed to resolve this question?