Loop in API inside the initial form

  • 26 March 2024
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How to make a loop to bring a collections of some data in API with table format inside the form

3 replies

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Hi @wejdan , you would create an Xtension for the API and if then create a Connection (if auth is not anonymous) and then create Data Sources which can be used for Data Source Variables on the Form to fill choice controls.


Alternatively you can have a look at the Forms Plugin Gallery as I think there are some table controls up there.

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I know how to insert API throw extentions and make connections then data variable but my question how to use it if I have a collection of data inside the API and wanted to be in the form.

yes Nintex plugin gallery has a table controls but If you took a look into the link, the second method isn’t completed, How can I use the plugin inside the form for external data

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Hi @wejdan , looking at the tableviewer plugin page regarding external data, it seems you just need to convert the results to string to get it in JSON format. I also need to add that if you want collections of objects, you must add the following line to the Xtension Swagger file:


"x-ntx-render-version": 2