How can I use a person's email to query a list and find the same list item associated with that email?

  • 7 September 2023
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My workflow begins on a start form where a manager can enter several employees into a people field.  The workflow then sends them an invite to complete an assessment, which is then stored on a list.

Each person can have only one entry on the list.

We then want to loop through the invited employees, querying the assessment list to see if their entry exists and send them a reminder if  they haven’t completed the assessment.

But I run into a few problems:  

1.  The Query List function only allows you to check the Azure ID # of people fields.

  1. The Start form stores the people field information as Full Name, First Name, Last Name, Email, ID, and Source.  However, because the people field allows for multiple entries, the ID seems to be the item’s ID in the collection and NOT it’s ID in Azure.
  2. Lastly, I can’t insert any of the individual variables associated with that person in the Condition Builder.  So even if I could compare the email of the current loop item to an email field in the list, this new workflow builder won’t let me.


    I’m not using a task action for a few reasons - one being that that action sends reminders to people whether someone has completed their task or not.  Pre-Cloud days, it never used to do that.  I’m not trying to annoy people who’ve done their job.

    Additionally, the form being filled out is attached to the list.  It’s not a task form inside the workflow.  So I’d still need to query the list to confirm the work is done, which leads me right back to this problem.  How can I query a list to see if a person is there and NOT return the entire list?


2 replies

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You mentioned that the start form stores the user details, are you using a repeating section with a people control inside the repeating section?

To determine if a user is NOT in the list from a form, I would suggest setting up a datasource that points to the list. You can then build a query for that list.


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Hi @karmaq 
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