Expired Access Tokens -- Design flaw with Nintex?

  • 6 January 2023
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Got a call from a user that there were a bunch of issues with some workflows. Turns out that the access token used in one of the connections in the workflow had expired and needed to re-authenticate. OK --- Easy fix to re-authenticate and get the workflows to start working again.



Having workflows fail for this reason is NOT acceptable. I’m looking for a solution to be proactively notified BEFORE a workflow failure happens that a connection has an expired token. This way I can assume 100% uptime in my workflow by renewing the access token BEFORE there is a workflow failure.

The connections screen in NWC only shows the date the connection was created. No where is the expiration date documented. 

So how is a Nintex admin to know when these things expire?

Currently the only solution is to wait for a failure (and some angry customers) and then reactively address it by re-authenticating.

This seems like a huge design flaw in this product that should be addressed by the dev team.


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2 replies

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@jeffoliver1000 Thank you for your input and feedback.  We do have this enhancement in our backlog.  Your vote in Nintex ideas would help prioritize this.

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10 month later and we still run into that issue.,

I can only repeat “This seems like a huge design flaw in this product that should be addressed”

@Sasan : Please push this to a higher priority