Create Exchange Online calendar item with dynamic collection of attendees

  • 29 September 2023
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I am using Nintex Automation Cloud with SharePoint Online and Exchange Online.

The goal is to create a calendar item in the calendar of a user, making it a meeting by inviting a number of additional users as required attendees.


But the action does not seem to allow that at the moment.

  1. I can directly add a collection variable for the Attendees field. But not matter what that collection contains (e.g. email adresses), it seems to not have the correct format for the action to consume it. Choosing a multi-user field of a SharePoint item as the source for the Attendees field does not work as well.

  2. I can manually add an Attendee by cklicking “Add attendee” - but there seems to be no possibility to make that dynamic. I tried adding an attendee and setting the Email field to the concatenated email adresses of the users (either colon or semicolon), but the action doesn’t parse that and just tries to set that complete string as a single attendee.

  3. I even built the attendee part that Graph expects when creating an event as JSON and set that as Attendees - no success with that.


Has anybody tried something similar, i.e. dynamically collecting user info from multiple sources and setting as meeting attendees and can provide a hint?

Thanks a lot in advance!

2 replies

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Exchange actions and docusign are like that. It's frustrating. We sont use send an email for example for exchange because of this main issue! 


One you try to add multiple emails dynamically you cannot. It will not take a string of users. 


In my opinion the developers need to work with Microsoft to resolve this issue cause we need emails sent from one of our domains due to security or audit vs us using theirs that comes from 


Hope someone can help you but in my experience the only option is to loop through emails for send an email. I dont know much about calendar actions. Maybe there is a way to use the loop for each action and the calendat actions that are available. Idk. 

In the end, I built a set of Azure Functions to interact with MS Graph as a workaround to this significant issue.

The EAC workflow calls the Azure Functions with certain parameters, so that I can at least use the remaining part of the workflow logic.

To the NAC product team: Please allow the Exchange Event actions to receive a collection or a concatenated string of mail adresses for attendees to support some degree of dynamic behavior!