Box - Getting File ID of Generated Document from Form after uploaded to Box

I am trying to create a simple workflow kicked off by a Form event in NWC. The form captures a few values like name/email/date which are set to variables, and then are used to generate a document which is then uploaded to a Box Folder. This part is working.... For the next step, I want to reference that file that was just generated and uploaded to Box and then set metadata on it. Where I'm stuck is that to take an action on a file in Box, I need to fetch the file ID, however the previous Generate Document step does not appear to save the newly created Doc's ID as a variable.  How do I reference the created file that was just uploaded to Box so I can perform a Box API action like updating it's metadata?  


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@JimD The box actions( allows you to find a file based on either File ID or File Path, so you can use the file path option and make it dynamic using variables if needed.



Thanks. That helped. @leighburke