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  • 7 November 2022
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Hello, i'm using a NWC workflow to pull data from a form and create an item in a Sharepoint List.

I've enabled the attachment column in my Sharepoint settings, and my items now have an attachment field.

I want to use my form to upload a file, and then put this file in my attachment column in my workflow, but my nintex "Create an Item" action doesn't allow me to select the attachment column in my sharepoint list as a field.

Is there a way to interact with the Sharepoint Attachment column through NWC?



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4 replies

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You can use the "Add attachment to an item" action to achieve this, because the file upload control allows you to attach multiple attachments, it works like a collection, so you have to use a loop to iterate through the attachments and save each attachment to SP:

Note that the current item is a file type and is located within the loop for each tab (if you have multiple loop for each actions, recommend re-naming them to make it easier to identify):


Hope this helps 🙂

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Your solution works just fine, i have an additional question however, is there a way to make the attachment clickable in sharepoint or at least a way to show the name of the attachment, instead of just showing an icon, like what is displayed in the picture below?

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Good News,

This is a solution:
Step 1: Use a "Multiple lines of text column" and enable the rich text feature


Step 2: Create a copy of the "Generate HTML for Task Forms with Attachments" (I believe you can just re-use the one that is already there as it shouldn't affect any other applications, but to separate different instances to different applications, I recommend creating a copy of it and renaming it and publish it)

Step 3: after you save the attachment to SP, use a "call a workflow" action to call the above workflow and store the output in a text variable.

Step 4: Update your column from step 1


So, basically, the component workflow that we call, creates an html text link of the attachments (we usually use this to pull attachments from SharePoint onto task forms in NWC). You can also build the links out manually without having to call the component workflow (pretty much just copy and paste everything from the component workflow into your main workflow), but its just easier this way.


Note: this has to be done after the attachments are saved in the attachment column within SP, so if the attachments take long to save and the workflow continues to the next actions, you can use a "pause for duration" action if you have any issues (but I doubt it will happen)

Let me know if you have any questions 🙂

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Everything works perfectly now. Thanks for your help, and have a great day.