Assign a Task To Multiple Users - Manager Approval form instance link

  • 7 February 2024
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Hi, Im trying to configure the Assign a Task to Multiple People so that the form submission can be inspected by a line manager for approval. The manager needs to inspect the submitted form, if approved the rest of the workflow can happen. If rejected, the user will have to make adjustments resubmit for approval once again.

I cant figure out how to add the link to the instance of the form that has been submitted. 

I've tried adding the published form link and removing the ‘key’ from the end of the link (https://dev-[company] and adding the Workflow Instance ID at the end which looks to me to be a distinct ‘key’ rather than the one for the blank form.. though the page loads as “The page you requested could not be found”. 

I tried using the full URL with the Instance ID at the end, same thing. 

I'm clearly missing something with creating the specific form instance url..


Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

4 replies

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Hello @MatthewSimmons , 


for re-work situations we normally use a state-machine (branch by stage) to send the request back and forth between the manager and the originator.

If it goes back to the originator is will also be a task form and not the original submitted form.

An easy way to get the start form fields on the task form is to Export the Start Form and then do an Import on the Task Form and set the default values of all the fields to the corresponding Workflow Start variables.


If you really want to complete the current workflow instance and let the originator start a new one with the previously submitted information, you can point them to MyNintex where they can use the Copy Data button.

Or, you can take them directly to the link which opens when you click the button, which is:


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Hi Deon,

I understand why you have earned the “Life Saver” badge!

The Export/Import then set default values to the Start workflow variables is exactly what i needed.. 

Thanks so much! I appreciate your prompt reply!

Until next time mate,

Take care

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Hey @Deon

Im having trouble finding a way to have images that have been uploaded displayed in the “Review” form.. 

I basically need exactly what is shown in the “Show Form” link above the Copy Form Data.. so that management can simply click on the images and view them

I tried to add the link below, and then set the instance ID at the end but im being met with a forbidden message?

https://Dev-[tennant] [InstanceID variable]


Thanks mate

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Hi @MatthewSimmons ,


images are tricky because you can’t access them as a start variable and you can’t set the attachment control default property.


What I’ve seen as the people upload the images to a shared location e.g. SharePoint and then just add a link to that on the review form.


Only the originator or a Business Owner are allowed to view the submitted data, hence the access denied error.