• 14 August 2019
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Hi I Created this SO but when I try to run it I get this Error Message way ?

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Hi  @Romy121;


Have you used or are you aware of this tool?(https://community.k2.com/t5/General-K2-Utilities/EXCEL-AS-SMO-SERVICE-BROKER/ba-p/86040?nobounce).




yes I install this broker

Good day Romy,


In my experience, this usually can occur when the K2 Service Account doesn't have proper permissions on the database the SQL Service Instance is built off of.

Would you please try granting the K2 Service Account DB Owner permissions and then refresh the service instance.


In addition to the information that was provided by  @Widson  you can also have a look at the following community post:


which discusses the "Excel Import Service Broker"


Please let me know if this is of help

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Please see the deployment process as follows:-


  1. Stop the K2 service

  2. Open "<K2 Instillation Drive>:Program FilesK2 blackpearlServiceBrokerBrokerManagement.exe".

  3. Click on “Configure Services”

  4. Configure Service Type: Right click on services and select “Register New Service Type” and enter values for service name. Select Assembly path from your local path.

  5. Configure Service Instance: right click on just created Service Type and select “Register New Service Instance” to create New Service Instance.

  6. Service Instance Configuration: Press “Save” Button to continue to next step.( this is the configuration section , where you can change the configuration of service ex: Database connection, SharePoint url , log file path etc…)

  7. Enter service instance details and click “Ok” to create service instance.

  8. Restart the K2 service.

Also, if using SmartObjects it is important that the Service Instance GUIDs is the same in all environments. If this is not the same you will have runtime errors because processes use the GUID of the service instance. See the following post on how you can synchronize the GUIDs:


Also ensure that SQL has valid permission for a given account...


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Hi  @Romy121 ,


First off, what version of K2 are you on? Have you tried refreshing the service instance where the SmartObject is created from? I will recommend that you enable SmartObject logging (https://help.k2.com/kb000298), execute the SmartObject again and when the error appears, check the log files as it may provide more information on the issue.