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  • 4 March 2024
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I added a Date/time picker to the form builder and configured the picker to hide the time and restrict the past dates.  When the form is populated in the workflow, the field displays the date and time of either 6:00 AM or 12:00 AM.  See attached image.  I tried using the lookup fx FormatDate, fx date, and fx convertToDate functions to configure the output date format to show only the date in MMM-DD-YYYY, but there does not appear to be an option to achieve this.  Is there an option to configure the date output as MMM-DD-YYY, e.g., March 4, 2024?

7 replies

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@AdrianGaribdass01 , sure


Just edit the Format of the date control, select Custom and Enter MMMM dd, YYYY 



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@Deon ,

How do I access these controls? Do I need to be assigned a specific role?

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@AdrianGaribdass01 , let’s just first confirm we are talking about the correct product.

This was posted under “Nintex Automation” which is the new name for K2 Five (On Prem).

Is that the product you want help with?

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I am using Nintex Automation Cloud. 

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Hi @AdrianGaribdass01 , can you perhaps send me an Export Key of your Workflow so I can have a look please?

If you don’t want to share it here, just PM me.

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@Deon ,
I have only been using the Nintex automation cloud for two weeks and have been using the help menu and community support page. I appreciate your assistance.

When you request the export key, are you referring to the Form URL and snippet?

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Hi @AdrianGaribdass01

If you wanted to format the date in a specific way, you can just drag a single-text control onto the Form, set it to Read Only and make the default value this Formula:


formatDate([Workflow].[Start event variables].[Form variables].[Date of Birth],"MMMM DD, YYYY")