Now Available: K2 Five (5.6)

  • 30 August 2022
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Are you ready for some new K2 features? The latest K2 Five release, 5.6, is now available for download on Nintex Customer Central. This version includes some awesome new features, including:

  • Style Profile: Developer Tab. Link your external CSS/JS files to your style profile to allow developers to extend SmartForms more easily, without using data labels. This release also includes a preview form so you can see the impact of your colors and CSS on common controls, without having to apply your Style Profile to a form.
  • Service Type and Service Instance security. The latest addition to the Authorization Framework, new governance features allow you to lock down specific service types (e.g., Salesforce, DocuSign) or specific service instances (e.g., Salesforce Prod) so that app designers can design against systems they should see. These permissions can be set in K2 Management and apply to the K2 Designer as well as the SmartObject Tester Tool.
  • AssureSign Integration. A new service type to integrate with AssureSign, we’ll generate the SmartObjects based on your AssureSign templates and you can use them in your workflows or forms.
  • SmartObject OData v4 API. Currently available in K2 Cloud, now on prem too! Full CRUD+L support for SmartObjects using the v4 API.
  • SharePoint Subscription Edition (SE) support. You can install K2 Five with SharePoint SE with the 5.6 version.
  • Windows Server 2022 support. You can install K2 Five on Windows Server 2022 now.
  • Azure Government Cloud (GCC) High support. Government contractors can now integrate their GCCH environments for AAD, SharePoint, and Exchange with K2 Five.
  • IPv6 Only support. We used to require IPv4 protocol to run K2 Five, now if a customers environment is configured to only use IPv6, K2 Five will use that protocol.
  • DocuSign OAuth 2.0 support. In advance of DocuSign’s deprecation of basic auth for APIs, 5.6 will use OAuth 2.0 for integration. This will also release as fix packs to older supported K2 Five versions. Check out the DocuSign blog post for more info.
  • SQL User Manager features. We’ve added features to lockout accounts to increase security when you use the SQLUM identity provider.
  • Anonymous Error handling in forms. Currently available in K2 Cloud, viewing a form anonymously will not show detailed error messages for added security.
  • OAuth sensitive parameter encryption. We’ve now added features to encrypt sensitive parameters in K2 Management around OAuth configuration.
  • Security fixes and Silverlight deprecation. We’ve closed the security vulnerability by fully removing Silverlight from the installer, along with 20+ additional security fixes.

For more information about any of these features, check out the product documentation. Stay tuned for more video-based information through the How-To Center, and be sure to join us for the K2 Customer Webinar

2 replies

When will this be available for Cloud?

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Soon Nick! Ops is doing upgrade testing and validation, and we'll start scheduling the update to K2 Cloud customers for November.