Nintex Forms Design and Functionality Questions

  • 3 August 2017
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What steps can be taken to improve accessible experience on Nintex Forms?

An example of making Nintex Forms elements focus-able with tab-index and JavaScript?

    Manage focus on a form using keyboard commands or key handlers?

    How can we add WAI-ARIA authoring practices (roles or states) to Nintex Forms HTML markup for screen readers?

    Best practices to manage keyboard focus when using dialog boxes within Nintex Forms?

    Horizontal fields vs. Vertical fields how will tab order behave?

    • The form CSS / JS are highly customize-able, depending on what the accessibility standards are requiring for this question, they should be able to update and modify accordingly.

    Repeating section how will tab order behave?

    • All controls should function the same with tabbing behavior.  After doing some testing, it doesn’t look like the ‘Add New Row’ is part of the tab index.  This would likely require adding a JavaScript button to click the ‘Add New Row ‘ button.

    How will all the controls like check boxes, radio buttons, and other controls behave?

    • These can be edited by tabbing through the choices.  You can select the option by hitting the space bar.

    Overall Compatibility with Jaws reader

    • Haven’t tested with that one in particular, but you can use explicit labels to provide the functionality needed for other screen readers.
    • Added Value of Label Associations

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