Nintex DocGen for Salesforce Product Updates

  • 9 December 2022
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Nintex DocGen for Salesforce Product Updates

We have made some great progress over the last six months with the Nintex DocGen for Salesforce (formerly known as Nintex Drawloop DocGen) offering on two key initiatives: migrating our Salesforce Classic functionality over to the Salesforce Lightning experience and enhancing our new Nintex eSign (formerly known as Nintex AssureSign) integration.  


DocGen Functionality now available in Salesforce Lightning

We have updated our Lightning Experience DocGen Package Designer (LEDD) to include the follow features previously only available in Classic.

  • Field Tagger (released 18.4: 2 June 2022)
    • An improved field tagger that allows you to access all the data in your environment in the form of dynamic field tags which you can use in your document.
  • PDF Stamps
    • Add important information to your PDF document with the PDF stamps function. Insert and format text or images to share details such as the approval and confidentiality status.
  • Create and Edit (released 18.6: 28 July 2022)
    • Previously called “Insert-Update” in Classic, this feature allows  you to create actions such as chatter posts, tasks, or update a Salesforce object each time you generate documents from a DocGen Package.
  • Add Enclosures (released 18.7: 31 August 2022)
    • Set up a document folder from which users can select documents for inclusion in the output generated by your Document Package.
  • Schedule a DocGen Package (DDP) or Salesforce report (released 18.12: 7th December 2022)
    • Send a DDP on a regular basis (daily, weekly, or monthly).
  • Cloning a DDP  (released 18.12: 7th December 2022)
    • Create a new copy of an existing DDP easily in Lightning. Basic cloning means the new cloned package will maintain all settings. For now, advanced cloning (changing the starting object) is still available in Classic and will be coming to lightening at a future date.

We know there are more features you would love to see available in Lightning; there is more to come over the next calendar year, so watch this space!


Nintex eSign Integration Enhancements

Great news! As a DocGen customer you no longer need to use the separate Lightning App (ASL) to use Nintex eSign. We have now made this functionality available in DocGen for Salesforce for everything from your eSign setup to execution, providing quick and easy execution of eSignatures within your generated document.

If you’re not yet a Nintex eSign customer, reach out to your Nintex account manager to learn how you can add our built-in eSignature capabilities to your existing contract.  

Over the last few releases, we have made the following eSign features available in DocGen:

  • Automated DDP Delivery Option using loopMessage and Flow (released 18.5: 18 July 2022)
    • You can now set up your automated DDPs to include documents for signature with Nintex eSign.
  • Real-time Envelope History (released 18.5: 18 July 2022)
    • You can view and track the progress of your Nintex eSign envelopes in progress within DocGen. This real-time audit including envelope history, details, and status.
  • View Envelopes Related to a Salesforce Record (released 18.5: 18 July 2022)
    • Previously, Nintex eSign envelope details were surfaced within the DocGen "related list" items. Now users can easily see their envelope details on the main page of their Salesforce Record. Envelope details include name, created date, ID, and status.
  • Attach a signed document to an additional record (released 18.6: 28 July 2022)
    • Designers can choose an additional record to attach a signed document to when using a Nintex eSign Delivery Option.
  •  eSign send-as user can now be modified (released 18.6: 28 July 2022)
    • Previously, the Salesforce user’s email address was used for the Nintex eSign context user. Now Admins can now configure the eSign user they want to have envelopes sent from in DocGen at an Organization, Profile, or User level (via Salesforce custom setting)
  • In-person Signing (released 18.10: 19 October 2022)
    • DocGen users now have the option to allow generated documents to be signed in person with Nintex eSign. For those circumstances where you need one or more of your signers to be on site, you can also mix in-person signing with remote signing.
  • Cancel In - Progress Envelopes (released 18.10: 19 October 2022)
    • Sent a document for sign and need to cancel it? You can now cancel Nintex eSign envelopes in flight within DocGen
  • Trial experience and setup for Nintex eSign included in Setup Wizard (released 18.12: 7th December 2022)
    • Set up your new Nintex eSign account or trial easily in DocGen by following the setup wizard. Admins can see their eSign trial details and how many days are left in the DocGen admin page.


Note:  For those that use the current data capture functionality in ASL, we are planning to include similar data capture capability within DocGen next quarter*. For Nintex eSign customers who do not own DocGen for Salesforce, you will still need to use ASL as your Salesforce app for eSignatures.


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* The information in this article is not a commitment, promise or other obligation to deliver any material, code or functionality. This content is subject to change, without prior notice, at the sole discretion of Nintex.

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