Intro to Nintex Mobile Enterprise (NME)

  • 22 July 2015
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Frequently our customers and partners ask if it would be possible to get their hands on a version of the Nintex Mobile App that didn't have the Nintex branding (logos, color schemes, etc.) or that they would like to customize even further. Unfortunately, I have always had to say, no you can't.


Well, the day has arrived where I can say, YES!  Welcome to Nintex Mobile Enterprise (NME)!



100925_pastedImage_7.png 100924_pastedImage_4.png
Customized NME app icon on an iPad

An NME form with custom branding on a Windows Phone 8 device

(All of the same great functionality of NMA; offline forms and tasks*,

rich attachment handling, lookups, validation)




So what exactly is NME?



NME is a standalone version of the Nintex Mobile App that you can build on demand via a web based interface.


Some of the initial features include:


  • Apply custom branding (your company's logo, colors, and more.)


  • Generate standalone installation packages for any platform including; iOS (Apple), Android, Windows 8 Phone and Windows 8 desktop.


  • Easily pre-configure and embed credential types; Corporate (SharePoint / AD domain), Microsoft ID (for connecting across the Internet) or Office 365.


  • Ability to distribute your apps via any number of Mobile Device Management (MDM) or BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) platforms such as AirWatch, MobileIron, etc.


For more information, see the Help for Nintex Mobile Enterprise.



How will NME be packaged?


NME Starter Edition will be included with the all new Nintex Forms Enterprise Edition. This will allow you to build 1 NME app. NME Standalone Edition can be purchased to allow you to build, in increments of 5, an unlimited number of no code mobile apps.



Why is this important?


NME is an invaluable addition to your toolset because you now have the ability to create and deliver valuable custom app experiences for your mobile users, quickly, on demand and without the need for any custom development.   Not sure what custom mobile app development really costs? Then, read a great article by Sumit Mehra (Chief Technology Officer of Y Media Labs) on entitled "The True Cost Of Building A Mobile App".



How can I get my hands on NME?


Like any other Nintex product, you can reach out to one of our partners or contact our sales team.


Ready to walk through building an NME app?


Click here to view my post Building custom-branded apps is easy with NME




*To render tasks in the Nintex Mobile App or NME, Nintex Workflow 2010/2013 and Nintex Forms 2010/2013 is required.

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Great post here Brad... Now to build one for the SEC 🙂 - "Roll Tide" and the ACC - Go Tar Heels 🙂.  Had to bring some excitement here.