Formatting Results to an Email

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One of the most visited posts on my personal blog is centred around how to build a table of information within a workflow and export the contains to a readable format in an email. So instead of reinventing the wheel I thought I would share a few links I have come across over the last year of so highlighting similar explanations of how to do this task. All of these are right, but all are a little different depending on the results you are after..  Check these links out.



There are some great examples there, and certainly some good food for though. If you come across any other examples or you have a different way of going about it.. Then hook it through in the comments below..


Happy Flows.

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Hi Dan,

That last link seems to have gone now. Would you be able to update your post if possible?

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Thanks Dan,

I liked the Formatting from a table blog entry.  Very helpful.