Filter Action in Office 365

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Nintex Workflow for Office 365 now offers the Filter action.


The Filter Action will be a powerful addition to your workflows, allowing you to terminate a workflow if a condition is not met. For example, a car dealership wishes to tweet when a used car is delivered to their lot so their twitter followers may track any in-demand cars.


A user on their mobile phone can enter the following information, where they can choose if the 'Car Type' is New or Used using Nintex Mobile.



Since the user is out in the field, we want the workflow to start on new item creation, but we only want the workflow to run if the Car Type is 'Used Car'. Filter Action to the rescue!!




Let's look at how to configure the new Filter Action to terminate the workflow if the Car Type is not 'Used Car'.



An expression is set to look for the value of 'Car Type' for the current item, and progress if the value of 'Car Type' equals 'Used Car'. If the car type is not 'Used Car', the workflow will terminate and a tweet will not be created.

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