Extracting comments from LAZY APPROVAL email body and step by step implementation in NINTEX on-premise

  • 15 July 2018
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Today I am going to illustrate practically how to capture LAZY approval comments from inside mail body in NINTEX on-premise. There could be different ways but the way I have implemented in recent project seems to be very easy and useful.

Actually from any task component inside in the workflow if you enable LAZY approval recipient will get an email in his mail box.(Configuring lazy approval : Click here)

User can then simple reply back to the mail putting his opinion (Like Approved, Reject, Rework etc) in the first line and additionally can put comments in the next line to move the workflow further. Its something looks like as follows:

Here Approved is the action word and the comment is ‘Everything looks good. Approving for the next step.’ (Highlighted in yellow colour)

We want to extract this comment i.e. ‘Everything looks good. Approving for the next step.’ from the mail body and log it.

Assuming user always will put additional comments from the second line (in first line it's assumed to be the keywords/opinion like Approved, Reject, Rework etc). Go through the following steps to extract the comments as follows:

1. Set default value of index to 0
2. Set default value of Startindex to 0

Workflow overall structure looks like as follows:


Detail configuration of each component:

There are 12 components involved in the workflow to accomplish it. Details of each component in chronological order are given as follows:


N.B. Here ‘EmalContentSingleLine’ variable and break tag (<br/>) is appended with previous comment to give the new comment i.e. Comment = Comment + EmalContentSingleLine + “<br/>”

Hope this will ease your process to extract the comments from LAZY approval.


Today as a NETWOVIANS it’s a very special day and I am very happy to contribute to my community on behalf of NETWOVEN.


4 replies

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Excellent. Keep in mind that a Loop will pause every loop instance. If you don't want this delay you should use a Foreach action in stead of the Loop.

Thanks! Yes absolutely correct.

The 4th action item i.e. set a variable is blank? what are we setting here?

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Pity the images are missing 😥