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DocuSign retiring Legacy Authentication - Get Ready!

  • 21 June 2024
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Are you using DocuSign with Nintex DocGen for Salesforce?


Action Required before 30th Sept 2024!

DocuSign announced they will be retiring their "Legacy authentication" on September 30, 2024. Any Nintex DocGen®️ for Salesforce customer that is currently using our "DocuSign (Legacy)" integration will need to make some changes before September 30th to continue using DocuSign with DocGen.


Paths forward

There are two options to continue with DocuSign authentication within DocGen. Before selecting your best path forward, you will need to update to the latest version (July release or later) of Nintex DocGen for Salesforce via the AppExchange.


  • Fastest: Simply switch your authentication choice to "OAuth - Admin Consent" in your DocuSign (Legacy) integration configuration in Nintex Admin.
    • This option will be available starting in our July Release. This can be done in Salesforce Classic, or Lightning.
    • Do this for all of the Salesforce Orgs you manage (Production, Developer, Sandbox, Scratch), be sure to do whatever testing your organization requires before updating each Salesforce Org.
    • In Salesforce, navigate to Nintex Admin. 
    • Choose the "Integrations" tab in the left navigation.
    • Find your "DocuSign (Legacy)" integration in the list and click "Edit."
    • Switch the authentication to "OAuth - Admin Consent" (available in July 2024).
    • Your DocuSign delivery options will continue to function as before. Check our documentation for more details.
  • Most powerful: Migrate your DocGen Packages to use Nintex's newest DocuSign integration to take advantage of data-write-back to Salesforce, document custom fields, and more.
    • This can be done in addition to the fast option above.
    • See our Documentation on how to add our new DocuSign integration to your list of integrations in Nintex Admin, and then migrate each delivery option to use it.


If you need specific help with this request, please reach out to our Support team. 

1 reply

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Hi there! Is the July release of DocGen available yet? When I attempt to change the DocuSign integration, I don’t have the option for "OAuth - Admin Consent." Am I missing something?