Coming soon to your K2 Cloud environment: the early 2023 release

  • 1 May 2023
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Are you ready for the early 2023 release for your K2 Cloud environments? Starting to roll out in May, this version includes a lot of stability and performance improvements, including:

  • The Workflow Designer previously used SignalR to autosave changes at every click. SignalR has been removed in this version to enhance performance in the Workflow Designer. The autosave that triggers every two minutes still remains.
  • If a workflow closes unexpectedly, it now remains locked and reverts to the last saved version. When you edit the workflow, a pop-up allows you to unlock it and retrieve the last saved version. The owner of the workflow can also unlock it from the workflow menu in the category tree of the Designer.
  • Each release includes all bug fixes from preceding releases; see the release notes for more details.

And a feature enhancement too:

  • In the Style Profile Designer, you can now browse for your own preview form to see how your colors and linked CSS files will impact your existing SmartForms, without having to check-in your Style Profile first.


For more information about any of these features, check out the product documentation. If you are an existing K2 Cloud customer, you will receive upgrade scheduling emails from our Ops team shortly.

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Looking forward to see this...