Build an e-Recruitment solution for your company

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We have not implemented this yet but I thought I would share it with you so long.


SharePoint with Nintex Workflow, Forms and Live allows you the opportunity to create an in-house e-recruitment solution without having to spend money on some of the other companies out there.


First Step:

Decide on the fields that you would like to capture information about. This list of fields would be the basis for your form.

I created all the fields as part of a Custom list on my SharePoint site.


Second Step: Build the Form

Then I started editing the Nintex Form for this list.  Move the fields according to your preference.


and add repeater sections for the information that might have multiple different entries.


I also forced certain settings on the attachment field.  There has to be a minimum of 1 attachment and I limited the attachment to certain file types.


Third Step: Publish

Then I enabled the Publish to Live which will create this page for me in the Nintex Cloud and return a URL to this form to me.  

The URL will look something like this - and once clicked on will open the form for me in the internet



You can no go further and build all the necessary workflows on the SharePoint list to notify the relevant HR employees that look at your recruitment.


Another idea I have been thinking about is to take all the skills and qualifications listed by the applicants and through xml populate a separate database that can be searched for specific skills or qualifications and then linked back to a CV.


Let me know what you think about this or if you would have improved it in a different way.


Thanks for your time.

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