Announcing New Admin and Governance Features for Nintex for Office 365

  • 18 October 2018
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There was a blog post made and a major announcement that I haven't seen here in the community yet, so I wanted to post the link to the announcement and allow for any questions here in the community.… 

The Nintex product team has been hard at work building some great functionality that has been requested by users like you.

In this post, I’ll introduce our new ‘Administrator Management’ settings in Nintex for Office 365, how to find them, and some considerations to make before making any changes.

Administrator management is simply designating administrators for your Nintex solution. With Nintex administrator rights, you have access to features that will give you better governance around your Nintex Workflow for SharePoint  instance, so you can:

  1. Gain better control over the shared connections that are available in your workflow design.
  2.  Give key people in your organization the rights to publish Nintex workflows.

2 replies

Andrew Glasser‌ I have several clients that are loving this new functionality in O365, but I'm curious if these same features existin on-premises today?

On SP2013, can I restrict workflow publishing to a subset of users or is this limited only by their SP permissions?

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There will be added governance and administrative management added to 2019 version as it comes out. Many of these features will then be added to 2016 & 2013 soon after. 

But today in 2013, you can restrict workflow publishing in a few ways:

  1. SP Permissions
  2. Allowed Workflow Designers
  3. Workflow Change Approval


  1. you must have Designer level on the web
  2. On the Site Settings page, under Nintex Workflow, click Allowed workflow designers. Make sure your designers are listed here. 
    • The back story to what this is under the covers: 

      There is a known permissions quirk with SharePoint 2013 workflows created using either Nintex Workflow or SharePoint Designer (SPD).

      A Workflows list is used to hold all defined workflows for a team site. Upon creating your first workflow in SPD or activating the "Nintex Workflow 2013" feature, this list is given unique permissions, which copies the current permissions assigned within the site (but broken inheritance). As a result, the only people who will be able to modify permissions on this list are site owners or those who were given explicit 'Full Control' access before the list was created. But those in the designer group can still publish workflows.

      Nintex have exposed the list through the user interface to work around the permission quirk described. To add/remove users as designers, the user assigning the permissions must be a site owner or have Full Control access to the Workflows list.

  3. It's a change approval workflow for when users modify Nintex Workflows for the current site. 
    • In the Settings Icon, click on Site Settings.
      In the Nintex Workflow Management group, click on Workflow change approval.
      To enable workflow change approval:

      Click on Modify workflow change approval behavior.
      Select Enabled radio button.
      Workflow name: The name of the change approval workflow that will be created.
      Approvers group: Choose the SharePoint security group that will be requested to Approve/Reject the changes when a workflow is modified.
      Resubmit behavior: Specify the behavior when a workflow is resubmitted before the current change approval process has completed.

    • Once configured, a standard change approval workflow will be displayed and links will appear allowing the user to View approvals in progress and Edit workflow