Address Control for Nintex Workflow Cloud Forms

  • 24 March 2022
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Do you find that address information provided by your participants are sub-optimal and causes downstream workflow issues?  Do you find yourself adding multiple fields to capture a single address?


The latest Address control on Nintex Workflow Cloud Forms would be able to solve these problems. Address control would make it easier to get accurate addresses. The form filler would only have to fill in one address field thus making the form filling experience quicker.


Let’s look at the new Address Control in action!


On a form with an Address Control, the Form filler can start typing in the address which then provides them with suggestions matching their data entry. The can then select the address that matches their search.




The Address control setting can be found in the Control toolbox on the Form Designer. It requires a Google Maps API key to be entered on the Settings Tab.



The information from the Address Control is sent back to workflow as an Object which has the following properties, more information on the properties can be found here.


  • Administrative area level 1
  • Administrative area level 2
  • Country
  • Formatted Address
  • Locality
  • Neighbourhood
  • Postal code
  • Route
  • Street Number
  • Sublocality level 1
  • Sublocality level 2
  • Subpremise
  • Description




3 replies

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How do I get the individual properties from the address control so I can store them in SharePoint Online columns?  It acts like a collection variable when looking at it but I can't select it in actions like the "loop for each".

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The Address control will return the address as an object in the start event.



from there would can the individual parts of the object and map them to the sharepoint columns.



this will allow the address data returned from the address control into the sharepoint columns.

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This is a great feature with a lot of potential - BUT it currently doesn't allow the address search to be refined to a specific country.  At the moment users receive address results from all over the world, which increases the opportunity for selection error (especially on mobile forms).  I have raised a Nintex Idea requesting the ability to further configure this control:  Thanks