Resolving “Access Denied” errors when opening™ 2003 Workspace

  • 16 February 2021
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Resolving “Access Denied” errors when opening™️ 2003 Workspace


This article has been archived, and/or refers to legacy products, components or features. The content in this article is offered "as is" and will no longer be updated. Archived content is provided for reference purposes only. This content does not infer that the product, component or feature is supported, or that the product, component or feature will continue to function as described herein.

This article will assist in resolving Access Denied errors upon opening your™️ 2003 Workspace.


If you receive an “Access Denied” error when opening your™️ 2003 Workspace, please follow the following procedure:
1.   Open Internet Explorer
2.   Select Tools from the Menu Bar
3.   Select Internet Options
4.   Select the Advanced Tab
5.   Scroll down to the bottom
6.   Make sure that "Enable Integrated Windows Authentication [requires restart]" is selected.
7.   If this item was not selected, select it and click OK until you get back to the browser window.
8.   Close IE and open a new instance.
9.   Open™️ 2003 Workspace.

Note: This property is only available in IE6 and above.


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