Multiple workflows fired at the same time when list item is added

  • 24 February 2022
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Multiple workflows fired at the same time - when list item added


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A simple workflow built on a Sharepoint list was configured to start when the list Item is added.  


When a user enters a list item, 3 instances of the process is created.





The Workflow gets started multiple times when a list Item is added.

Troubleshooting Steps

Please troubleshoot with the following steps: 


1. Make sure you don't have any duplicate rules to start the workflow on the form associated with the workflow.


2. If you have configured your process to start when 2 events occur on the list item (i.e. Item Added & Item Updated), make sure that the process doesn't not have an event to update the list item. This will create an endless loop.


3. Go to the SmartObject tester utility or to: Management page > SharePoint  2013 > Select site > Management > Event SmartObject, then execute 'Get Event Receivers' method and pass the list ID:




If you see duplicate items with the same Event Receiver type, then you will need to remove the duplicate entries.


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