Workflow firing on the wrong SharePoint List action

  • 15 February 2019
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I have 2 workflows on a SharePoint list. 1 workflow is set to fire when an item is created and 1 workflow is set to fire when a list item is updated.


However, the 'updated' workflow is also firing when an item is first created.  Is this expected behavoir or should it only fire when an actual update has been made to the original item?


I have checked the rules on the form to ensure that when it is creating the original item it isn;t doing it in staggered steps that could be construed as an 'add' and simultaneous edit'


I am using K2 5, any ideas?  Thanks.


Best answer by JulieBird 18 February 2019, 20:29

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Hi Julie, 

Please make sure the create workflow is not making any changes on the SP list, for example updating the status etc. This will cause the update event to fire.

If you are sure nothing is updated, it might be an issue with the event receivers in the BD.

Please log a support ticket to have this checked out.




Hi Kallie,


I did think that after I posted this, but the 'New Workflow' didn't update any element of the list item so this wouldn't have triggered it.  I was wondering whether the fact a 'New Workflow' had been trigured  constituted an 'edit on the SP list?


However. I have since change the 'Edit workflow' to a form trigger instead of a SP edit list item trigger so for the moment It isn't an issue, but when the need arises to have a workflow trigger on an edit list item event then I'll look closely and take your advice to raise a help desk ticket if it happens again. Thanks for the quick reply.


Julie :-)