Smartforms Client Event vs Client Event, who wins?

  • 1 February 2018
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I created a test form and workflow, left the K2 studio workflow as Client Event (NOT Smartforms Client event).

in the Client Event notification to the authoriser, there is a standard worklist item link (which is the form url+SerialNo


Back on the form, i've added a paramater called SN


Authoriser gets the email, they open the form

On the form, i've added a view with a radio button list which says approve, decline


Authoriser picks an option, hits a submit button which has a rule attached this says the below (in bold)

 When approve button is clicked. Then action the Defaultactivity worklist item:



The workflow then appears to move onto the next step, which seems fine.


My question is, would this Client Event work ok for approving requests, rather than using the "Smartforms Client Event"?


Is there anything that i've missed that needs to be done for authorising the request which must be done using a Smartforms Client Event?



5 replies

That will work just fine. We do the same thing with our Client Events to provide a little more flexibility than the Smartforms Client Event provides. This is also forwards compatible with K2 Five workflows, which have just a single Client Event wizard but provide a dropdown in the wizard to choose between smartforms and custom forms.

Nice one Shaun, glad we have u on board with the K2Five heads-up. v4.6.11 was a proper pain for us.


One thing on this Post. If the Approver clicks on the Approved/Delcined button and submits the job, then great the workflow complets and all is good, however i noticed that if the Approver clicks on the same email they got, it tries to open the same job (with the same Serial No) and you get the K2 spinning wheel of doom.


Is there any way of having a rule in the Initalize rule of the Worklist URL form that checks to see if the action has already been done and tells them via screen message "already done, now jog on", rather than them being presented with an spinning loading form....???


If that can be done, it'll close that loophole nicely.


Thanks again, appreciate the help

We do it via custom API smartobjects but you could likely accomplish the same thing by using the built-in 'Worklist Item' smartobject, filter on the SerialNumber and if you get nothing back, it's no longer available.



Do you have an example of this and how to apply the rule?

Where is the worklist smartobject, not used this before?

The Smartobject is System>Workspace>Workflow>SmartObjects>Worklist Item. The rule would look something like:



You would execute this rule from the initialize rule of the form/view. If the SN filter returns no results (meaning the worklist item is no longer on the user's worklist), the datalabel will not contain a value and your message or whatever other action you take will occur.