Smart object service method list output variables in whole string and not as list

  • 5 August 2022
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I am trying to use the smart object method in the workflow , and use it in loop. 

The loop items  output are coming as whole string and not as a list, though the method is a type of list.

I have attached the screen shots of the configuration of loop, smart object and the email that is received.

Can someone please help me understand why are items are shown as a whole string and not as list.


Thank you.



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5 replies

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First thing to confirm is if you run the SmartObject method via K2 Management, does it give you the results you expect there? Just to make sure all is well on that end before we troubleshoot further

Hi @tbyrne777 


I have attached the screenshot of the results when I run execute method. The output is perfect.
but I don't understand why workflow outputs that way, as a whole string.




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Where are you creating that "CollegeEmails" reference used in your loop?

I suspect the problem may be where you have defined the CollegeEmails reference which is not shown in the screen shots. There is a setting in there labeled "Identifier" and the item in the drop down must be the property that uniquely identifies each row (like the primary key).


I accidentally made this mistake a few days ago and the values came out as a string like you are seeing.

Hi DavidL2,

Thanks for the suggestion. After I marked one of the columns as identity column, I am now able to get he intended result format.