SharePoint Meta Data column not returning values in a dropdown list

  • 24 August 2018
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I understand that on K2 5 smartforms when you pull a SP Column onto a view that was attached to a meta data termset in SP, then this won't be tranposed into Smartforms automatically and I have to configure it against a drop down column on the form:


I have done this the best I can see how (see screen shot) by using a dropdown list and adding my SP column name at the top and then have used the default settings that the smart object returned.


However when running the form the column just has the 'circular' whirring icon (as though its trying to do something) but doesn't return any values, I can't see any other settings to fill in on the Smart Obect config screen, does anyone know where i cam going wrong?


We use managed meta data columns extensively so need to crack this one off by heart ;-)


I've scanned the turotrials and you tube but can't see any examples of using meta data smart objects










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Can you update the Data Source's Value to use Term ID to see if that will work?


Hi Khanh


Thanks for the reply, when I replace it with Term ID, the 'whirring' stops but the dropdown doesn't show anything at all :-(

Hi JulieBird,


Please see the below link:


I think this article might solve your issue.



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Hi JulieBird,


How is your rules configured that populates the dropdown list?

Is there perhaps any useful information in the SmartObject Logs that can point to any issues with the input and returns?



This was resolved on a different but similar thread I posted:


The link and solution is listed here for anyone else having this issue:


Thansk for all your help on this one.