SharePoint Error from K2: 429 - Too Many Requests

  • 15 July 2016
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Hi all -


I started to open a K2 ticket but thought maybe I would try here first because this issue is probably SharePoint specific.


I have a workflow that runs in SharePoint 2013 and I have noticed that sometimes they error out with an error of 429 - Too many requests.  This seems like an issue with K2 talking with SharePoint.  Does anyone know what would control this setting?  It really looks like some type of throttling.




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5 replies

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Hi wkucardinal,


Have you perhaps looked at the following K2 KB?



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I'm running into the 429, too many requests throttling issue as well. Any luck yet?



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I have seen this before but I have always had to restart K2 to clear it because it did not appear to be SharePoint. Check you ULS logs to see if it is SharePoint giving the error. Database contention can also cause this in our case SharePoint and K2 are in the same database server and sharepoint show latency but no errors while K2 showed errors.

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Hi Doug -


Late to respond here (obviously).  To answer your question:  no, we have not resolved this.  It appears to be a SharePoint-side issue with throttling.  Basically, when heavy operations or database contention is happening in SharePoint, we see this issue.






Do we have any solution for this "Too Many Requests 429" error, this error comes up at random.