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In K2 Studio, how can I specify multiple SP groups to remove permissions? K2 studio allows me to pick only one SP group at a time.. does it mean, if I have five groups to remove, I will have to create five events? 


What I am doing wrong? Can someone please try? If you can select multiple grops? We are on version 4.7



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The SharePoint 2013 Remove Document Permissions step only allows you to pick a specific user/group from the list of available users/groups, see link below. I’m not sure that it’s possible to drag and drop a user/group from the Context browser. Perhaps, you can call the Document Library SmartObject’s Remove User or Group Permissions from Document… method via SmartObject event to get around it. I would also recommend submitting feedbacks on this to get the document update.

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i understand I can’t drag and drop uses/groups. Here my issue is little different. Here I am trying to select multiple groups at the design time to remove permissions but  in k2 studio I can only select one group in one event. Check k2 for share point workflow, there you can select multiple groups. 

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THANK YOU!! I used Smartobject event then I was able to do what I wanted. Thanks for the suggestion. I didn't think about that.


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