Permission error reassigning task

  • 30 October 2018
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In my workflow on the server, I am calling Task.RedirectWorklistItem. That is causing the following error:


User: K2:domaink2adminuser does not have administrator rights; ServiceName: K2_Management


k2adminuser is the user that K2 is installed and running as. It has admin rights on all of the workflows within this process. It is able to execute K2 Management smart object calls from within the smart object tester. 


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Hi Peteaxtell1, 


Will it be possible to confirm if the user is part of the Security Administrators role as per below: 



Please do kindly confirm this.


Kind regards, 




In version 4.7, there isn't a default role called 'Security Administrators'. Only OAuth Notifications. If I go to Workflow Server > Server Rights, the user has admin in there.

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Please check if this user is an admin on each of your workflow processes

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Are you using variables to map the input properties when you call the RedirectWorklistItem method from your workflow? Please verify if the input values passed to the workflow are valid. I've encountered a case wherein invalid input properties to this SmartObject method would result to the same error.

That was exactly it. Thank you.