PDF has extra blank page

  • 1 February 2018
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When my form is converted to a PDF, it adds a blank page at the end.  It's a small form and all the content is shown on the first page.  Any ideas on how I can remove this blank page?

3 replies

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Out of curiosity, is the form using Lithium theme? I have seen an issue when the page was stretched way beyond the page layout and this caused the issue. Are there any extra styles or borders showing up on the second page?
Is the PDF conversion being applied via PDF Converter SmartObject or are you calling the PDF control in the form to generate PDFs?

We created a custom theme, which is a copy of lithium but amended.  The second page looks completely blank. The PDF conversion s being applied via the PDF Converter SmartObject.

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Would like to ask since this post had been posted since 2018. is there any workaround to resolve the additonal blank page created when using the PDF converter?


Appreciate if someone can share if they manage to resolve this.


Thank you.