Need Help on Split Function and FIle Attachment

  • 8 September 2017
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I wanted to achive following results for one of my application created using SP List.. Can someone please help me on how to use following controls?


1) I want to retrieve  AD First Name and Last Name string. I am able to retrieve only Display Name and try to split it using Split function. However I do not see Split function available in K2.

2) I want to upload multiple files and save it when user clicks on Save button using List. Then when user clicks on Edit button to retrieve List record all file attchemnts should get loaded. However I am only able to load List record not File atatchments.Here I tried to use default File Atatchments List view.


Thanks in advance!



1 reply

1. In sharepoint It has First Name and Last Name but in K2 AD2 there is no column like first name and last name,so can't get first name and last name.

i found this in community may be useful

2.For Attachment It has two views in default.while editing the item only the list attachment view will open .if you want in another default view only one item can be seen.