K25 vs k2 4.7



I am a nintex partner.I was going through the products download area and i found few thing.


K2 5.5

K2 5.4

k2 4.7 Black Pearl

k2 4.7 Smart Forms


Can somebody tell me what is the relevance in k2 5.5 with black pearl?

why they are different from k2 5?


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They just re-branded with the update to K2 Five to get away from the blackpearl name and also merging the workflow and forms components into one product. No other real functional difference other than version enhancements

So it means they have merged Smartforms, Black Pearl etc all into one that is k2 five? it means before k2 five all the components were seperate and in k2 five all the components comes in single installation file?

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That is correct. The history of the product is that "blackpearl" was developed first and was just a workflow solution. Then they developed "SmartForms" as an extra product you can add to blackpearl. Now they are all together in K2 Five so there is no need to look back at the blackpearl line

Perfect. Thanks alot @tbyrne777 . thank you so much 🙂

You should definitely consider the Five product line. It is a rich low-code application development tool. Not only does it regularly get new features, it also supports the latest browsers.