K2 Worklist Management

  • 15 November 2017
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Hi there,

Im using the k2 workflow Client and Management API to retrieve some data to my website.
My k2 version is 4.7

We are having performance problems with the global worklist in the Management API.
We currently have about 3500 active process instances in a total of 30000+ instances.
I don't see pagination options to retrieve the worklist and we only show a maximum of 40 record at the a time(pagination) and we nee the processdata for those records.
Is there any other option to improve the performance? What is the best practice?

Is there a way to backup and delete the completed instances?


2 replies

Hi Bgoncalves,


Thank you for loggint his community post here. It may be a good idea to consider archiving the SQL database. As you stated you have 3500 active instances at the moment, and in total 30'000 total instances so I can imagine the K2 DB may be of a quite substantial large size here. 


You can have a look at the archiving documentation directly below and how to go about this, this should free up space upon the DB here and should in turn improve performance here.




Kind regards, 



Thank you for your reply.


I did the archive process but now i would like to know i it's possible to use the process overview report on the Archive DB. Creating a custom report (similar/or the same to the processo overview) but using the the archive DB. How can i do that?




Best Regards,