K2 form with power Bi

  • 10 January 2019
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I am a newbie to K2. Currently,  I am having an issue to integrate k2 with power Bi.

The data is coming from SQL server on K2 list view using the smart object. I want to create reports when somebody clicks on the button (or I will add a button with name 'Get power bi reports'), the power Bi reports will be generated. How to get it done? Btw I am using K2 v.4.7

Do I need to write a service broker to accomplish this task?


Any help can be really appreciated.

2 replies

If you are looking to embed your PowerBI report into SmartForms, you can check out this thread here.



Can we do it with K2 version 4.7? I read somewhere that K2 is integrated with power Bi in version k2 five.