K2 Blackpearl Server Service Recovery options



We have found that the K2 Blackpearl Server service in all of our environments (DEV/ACC/PROD) is not configured to auto restart/recover on failure. is there an "as built" reason its set this way? 

We are not experiencing regular issues, I have just had a single service failure in one of our lower environments and noticed its not set to even attempt a restart of the service. My query boils down to weather there is a reasn for it or if I can just set up some recovery. Thanks in advance.



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HI Mitchell,


Per the best of my knowledge, there is no specific reason for this being not configured by default.  It is an option that some admins would want and others do not based on their policies.


It can be turned on and there are customers out there with this configured this way.




Thanks, will promote through our environments.

I worked with this service for about 4 years, and yes, I didn't know about all options and settings that it can have. Only the general things, and that's it.