K2 blackpearl (4.7) January 2023 Cumulative Update

  • 16 January 2023
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K2 blackpearl 4.7

K2 blackpearl (4.7) January 2023 Cumulative Update


Important steps before installing the K2 blackpearl (4.7) January 2023 Cumulative Update


Admin consent recommended before upgrading with Nintex K2 blackpearl (4.7) January 2023 Cumulative Update


Microsoft is deprecating Azure AD Graph API in June 2022, and as of June 30th, 2020, stopped adding new features to the API. See these Microsoft articles for more information:

Microsoft strongly recommends upgrading to Microsoft Graph API to access Azure AD APIs as well as APIs from other Microsoft services. K2 OAuth resources requiring access to the https://graph.windows.net API (AAD Graph), must be upgraded to use https://graph.microsoft.com (Microsoft Graph) as part of the migration from AAD Graph to Microsoft Graph. Nintex K2 blackpearl (4.7) January 2023 Cumulative Update includes the code fixes necessary for this migration. For more information on migrating apps, see the Microsoft article App migration planning checklist.


After the installation of the Cumulative Update, the OAuth resources that require access to AAD Graph API will be updated to use Microsoft Graph API instead. This will affect the workflows using the Azure Active Directory broker. These workflows can enter a failed state if the workflow executes a step that uses the broker after upgrade, but before a Global administrator in your organization re-consents to the Microsoft Graph permissions. These workflows will have to be manually repaired after upgrade and re-consent.


See the following topics for more information:


K2 blackpearl (4.7) January 2023 Cumulative Update


The  K2 blackpearl (4.7) January 2023 Cumulative Update contains updates and fixes for issues reported in K2 Five (5.4). K2 recommends keeping your K2 environment updated by installing the latest cumulative update, and that you test this update before you deploy to a production environment.

Prerequisites and Dependencies

This cumulative update is only compatible with K2 blackpearl (4.7). Each new cumulative update contains the updates and fixes that were included with the previous cumulative updates. The cumulative update does not require any previous cumulative updates or fixes to be installed, and no additional cumulative update is required to fully update a K2 environment. If you have installed individual code fixes included in this cumulative update, those code fixes are not changed unless a newer version of the code fix is available for the update.


Before you install this cumulative update, please check the K2 Product Releases and Build Numbers article to verify that this is the latest cumulative update available and that you have a current backup of your K2 database.


Database owner permissions are required to install this cumulative update or any of the fix packs.


Getting and installing the update

You can download the K2 blackpearl (4.7) January 2023 Cumulative Update on Nintex Customer Central.


Download Now


To install the cumulative update, run the cumulative update installer on every machine in your environment where a K2 product or component is installed, including desktop machines that have K2 Studio or K2 Designer for Visual Studio installed. The same installer is used to update the specific K2 products and components that are installed on that machine. To determine which cumulative update or fix pack has previously been installed in your environment see https://help.k2.com/kb000426.


Install Instructions
  1. Backup your K2 database.
  2. Download the K2 blackpearl (4.7) January 2023 Cumulative Update.zip
  3. Extract the .zip file to access the .exe file.
  4. Double click the .exe file and select a location to extract the installation files.
  5. The Update window opens. Click Change if you need to change the K2 database. Select the correct information and click Accept. Click Update to start the installation.
  6. A warning is displayed if a backup of the K2 database is not found. Create a backup before selecting OK. Click OK on the warning window to continue with the update. Click Cancel if you want to create a backup first.
  7. After creating the backup, you can click Update again on the Install window. If a backup for the K2 database was recently performed, the installer shows you the date and time of the last backup.
  8. Click OK to continue with the update.
  9. Wait for the update to complete, and then click Finish.


Rollback Instructions

  • To rollback the K2 blackpearl (4.7) January 2023 Cumulative Update, uninstall K2 from your environment.
  • Re-install K2 blackpearl (4.7).
  • Re-install the Fix Pack you had installed prior to this rollback.
  • Delete the database created when you re-installed.
  • Restore the K2 database using the backup made before the update.

You can also restore the K2 database before re-installing K2. When you re-install, you can just point to the restored K2 database.


Included in this Update

This cumulative update includes the following fixes:

Previous Fix Pack fixes

  1. Code Fix: Unable to use a K2 license key that has validity past 2022
  2. Code Fix: K2 Integration with DocuSign presents error



There are no known considerations at the time of writing the notes, except for those mentioned for some of the fixes listed above. 

Ensure you read the "Important steps before installing the K2 blackpearl (4.7) January 2023 Cumulative Update" listed at the top of this article.

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