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  • 25 July 2022
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This probably sounds like a pretty stupid question but I'm at a bit of a loss and getting even more confused with the more I read on if anyone could provide any advice that would be great.

Do you need to have K2 Blackpearl to have K2 SmartForms? or can you buy one without the other?

Also would anyone have any suggestions on software that is similar to Nintex or K2 SmartForms?

Many Thanks for any help/ advice you's can provide.


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K2 Blackpearl and K2 SmartForms have been merged into one product: K2 Five. You can no longer buy one without the other. Nintex and K2 were the two biggest players in this field, so I think the decision comes to choosing between K2 Five, K2 Cloud, or Nintex Workflow Cloud