Issues opening View Flow link from Reports, but not Instances View Flow button.

  • 25 January 2019
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When I attempt to open "View Flow" link from "Management Console > Workflow Server > Workflows > Reports > View Flow"



The URL I get redirected to is below which works.


I can take that URL and replace the ending number with that pulled from the first URL to get the ViewFlow to work.


I'm assuming I have a configuration somewhere incorrect, but can't be sure where it is.


Any advice is appreciated,



5 replies

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Out of curiosity, did the K2 environment setup to have separate K2 sites in IIS? If you create a new workflow to test the viewflow URL, then does it work? Is the web service URL SSL in environment library configured to use


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Sorry for the late reply, been working on Banner Intergation changes.


Web Service URL SSL is current set to


I tried the change to forms and it didn't seem to make a difference.

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I can also just update "forms" in the URL to "workspace" and this does then direct me to the flow.


Would this be a setting in K2 Managment or IIS?



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Hi alexhaberer,

Was this an environment that was recently upgraded to K2 Five? If so, if you look at IIS on the server hosting the K2 sites, are there two sites configured for K2? (Probably one for Forms and one for Workspace?)

If so, check out the resolution for this KB (even though the scenario may not match exactly):
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I followed your example with some slight variances, but now when I load a page via the "View Flow" URL, it seems that the parameter required has changed?


It used to be "ProcessID"=####, but now is looking for "procInstId", we didn't change or set anything anywhere.


The URL in Management....Reports > Instance > ViewFlow is showing ProcessID as the parameter which is then passed to IIS and pushed to the correct URL pathing, but somehow the parameter for that page is now different?


Any ideas?