How to change the "(Add new row)" for editable list label to arabic

  • 13 April 2015
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I make the form in arabic, my form contain editable list.


In editable list to add new row there is link called "(Add new row)" to insert a new row, I have to change this value to arabic.


So please help to find the exact resource file in which I can make the change the value of "(Add new row)".




4 replies

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I couldn't find how to change it, maybe you have to disable this option and keep the add toolbar button

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It looks likes in 4.6.9, there is a Smartforms language pack release.  Unfortunately, it looks like only the following language are available at the moment:


The K2 Language Pack 4.6.9 (Preview) adds translation support for 5 languages:

  • French

  • German

  • Simplified Chinese

  • Traditional Chinese

  • Afrikaans

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Dear  @shah,


drag datalable control anywhere on your list and create an expression that has the following JS:


<script type="text/javascript"> $(document).ready(function() {var x = document.getElementsByClassName("action-row"); x[2].innerHTML = '(اضافة سطر جديد)'; });</script>

Hi, Can I ask is there any way to disible this option "Add new row"?