How to add a row to a list view with a rule

  • 22 February 2023
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I’ve got an item view, not connected to any smartobject, and a list view with columns matching each field in the item view.

In that form, how would I add the data in the item view fields as a row in the list view?  It’s been awhile and I’m hoping someone can give me a shortcut to figuring it out?



1 reply

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Hi Irish

1.The simplest shortcut in the list view is to have an Add button.

2.Configure rule when the add button in click Add then add new row to the editable list.

else can have create button on the item view 

2.When the create button is clicked then excute the create rule for the list vew smartobject.

3.then fresh the list view rule, new row will be added on the list view