Error "There is no connection string for the destination email address system@k2.local."

  • 26 April 2023
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Hello, we have a problem with email sending. During the installation of nintex we unchecked "Use Exchange for mail integration" and setup smtp connection.

But despite this we have a problem with email sending.

Text of an error: "There is no connection string for the  destination email address system@k2.local."

It's logically, just because we have only strings with our smtp settings. Also Connection String Editor has smtp settings (see attachments).

Nintex version: 13.03.2023 K2 Five (5.6) (5.0007.1000.1).


Best answer by Nikita Karnygin 11 May 2023, 08:33

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5 replies

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You may find more details on the exact error in the log files located in the HostServer\bin folder.

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I have not tried setting up K2 with an external SMTP server like google, but for for some non-K2 application, I have had to use an app password similar to:

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Hi @Nikita Karnygin have you solved your issue? 

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Hi, @MillaZ! Yes, the problem was in google mail server, so I changed it to outlook.

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Great stuff!