Disable user access during upgrade

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We are planning to upgrade to 4.7. During the upgrade we don't want users to create new instances or take actions on open instances. Is there a way, we can disable user access to K2 workflow, forms etc.?



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Start Rights can be removed from the workflows in question.  When doing so, workflow will not be started  and users may be presented with an error indicating they do not have Start rights on workflow when they try to submit a form that would start a workflow:



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Disabling Start is a good option for new requests.


For our upgrade, we had extended downtime as we ran into errors. There were running instances, they started failing because we have escalations defined on them. Also, some users had email approval notifications they tried to approve requests.


I guess lesson learned is, do not leave any running instances before upgrade.. may be stop running instances before starting upgrade have users complete them.